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What’s to Love about Horses and August

What’s to Love about Horses and August

Finding your Super Power in the Summer Heat

When you are a horse and it is August, all you really want to do is stand in the shade and swat at flies.  We humans can find our superpowers at a time like this!  No more frisky, cool weather, kicking up their heels just for the sake of it.  No more chomping at the bit because they are so fresh, all they want to do is run!  We can have an edge, in tackling another milestone, as long as we don’t melt in the heat as well.  Let me brighten your day with a list of the best things about Horses and August!  

  1. Your droopy, sleepy equine can be putty in your hands – especially if you only want to walk!  

  2. A ‘wet blanket’ is SO much easier to obtain NOW vs. November.  

  3. Even little ol’ me can tire my horse out!  A tired horse is a GOOD horse (for the 50+ crowd) 

  4. Horse bathes!  We love ’em, the horse loves ’em.  Horse loves ME for the bath!  ‘nuf said! 

  5. The grass slows down growing so needs to be mowed less = more time to ride (in the heat). 

  6. Kids go back to school = less people out on the trails! 

  7. Horses are fat/lazy from pasture so now you have another good reason to ride more!  

  8. After August comes Sept., After September comes Oct.  ~~  Prime Riding Time!! 

I wrote this half tongue in cheek, half seriously, as I finished riding my TW mare I’ve been working with my 2 mares to get them over being barn sour/ buddy sour.  I made some big steps in being able to ride them solo away from the barn the last few weeks in spite of not having much time to ride.  I do feel proud because I had my doubts whether I would progress to this point.  I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with having 4 horses and trying to keep their riding up.  It is a challenge when I work and also am a freelance animal artist.  I started out doing my artwork to support my horse habit and it began to feel like the work it took to keep up had me in over my head.  I considered selling and downsizing… but in all reality could not decide on who I would sell.  I love them all.  I also have been committed to not allowing them to become pasture pets, as long as they are sound.  Well, I have 1 pasture pet who is sound- my mare Abbey who is 25 yrs old.  She is allowed to just hang out.  🙂  The others I am committed to improving them as best I can, because I think, not only is that better for me as their rider, it is better for their future.  But I am in my late 50’s so this gal ain’t looking for no rodeo!  I have gone at training my mares at a snail’s pace but I see forward progress and see happy horses so consider it a win regardless of how fast or slow I get there!  So today, I am glad for the heat, and less frisky horses, and for accomplishing a little more each time!  

Happy Trails!


Curing a Barn Sour Horse Part I

Curing a Barn Sour Horse Part II


Big Red, 16 x 20 oil painting by the author

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