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August 8, 2018

July 9, 2018

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Live Painting Video, Draw Near

July 12, 2018

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New, Large Horse Oil Painting, 'Stride By'

July 9, 2018


I am really proud of this painting.  I reluctantly offer it for sale but my loss can be your gain! 



This painting is one of many that have featured my mare, Porsche.  I have included other white horse artwork I have done as well as some photos of her.  Some of these are for sale on my site here or Etsy Store.  


One of the things I love about this mare is her dark, eyeliner like eye with thick lashes.  She is such a sweet and pretty mare!  I have virtually hundreds, if not thousands of photos of her!   I have a nicer camera and have begun to use my own horses in artwork using my own references which is really fun.  






 Smokey Eye!  

 I think he is smitten, don't you? 

 Being able to see my art bring others joy is the BEST!  

 Playing with photo filters ... I have many horse themed memes and digital art freebies here. 

 More digital horse memes here.

 My pretty mare!  See more Horse Photography here

More Horse memes to share here.


 See more wood horse signs here


My pretty mare in paint.... you can order a pet portrait by me too !  




Video of Draw Near work in progress 









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