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Etsy Coupon Codes for June 2017

I offer an inexpensive alternative to custom pet portrait and horse paintings in what I call 'Custom Barnwood Signs'. This is uses photos you supply to me thru e-mail or on etsy. I embellish the photo with paint and colored pencil and mount it on a piece of vintage barnwood siding. I add a barbed wire like hanger, feather and a concho for a western look. (Other looks are possible as well). I sell these for $40.00 plus tax and shipping. For the month of June I have a coupon code hotcakes for 15% off. Summer is typically my slower season so consider ordering early and save some money! These sold like hotcakes over the holidays, hence the coupon code name.

Please keep in mind when choosing photos for this artwork that I can block out unwanted background images but can't make major changes to the actual pose or position since I am painting over the actual photo you supply. The subject also does not have to be a horse. I can do other animals, wildlife, buildings and people. Well, really anything you supply a photo for. Well almost anything. :) Keep it family friendly, please.

Size varies slightly but generally run around 9 x 10. There is some flexibility in requesting a specific size.

Custom Barnwood Horse Sign

Custom Barnwood Horse Sign

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