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This bridle rack is made from an authentic whiskey barrel 'stave'.  The wood is hardwood (white oak), sturdy and with lots of character due to the nature of the wood and the impressions from the metal bands that constructed the barrels.  It is sanded, lightly stained and retains all the unique character of the wood.  This one is approx. 21' long, 2" wide and has a slight curve from it's previous life of a barrel used to age whiskey.  The underside is 'charred' which was done to flavor the whiskey.  It is now sanded, smooth and dark in color.  Each stave is unique.  The quote on this bridle rack reads, " One only needs to take up the reins to fly'  Price includes shipping to Intercontinental USA. 


I welcome custom orders if you like one made specifically for you.  I can engrave in different fonts with your horse's names, farm name, family name, a favorite quote or an image/s.  I have a collection of my own designs but can do something up for you if you have a favorite breed, equestrian discipline or activity etc.  Send me a message and share your ideas!  


I have an assortment of lengths, widths, colors, etc. so you can pick your stave as well.  Prices will vary depending on your requests.  I am happy to give quotes.  

Thank you & Happy Trails! 

Engraved Quote Bridle Rack

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